2011 Merlot Reserve

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Dark cherry red in colour. Blackcurrants & Cassis notes are distinct on the aroma. The nose is fresh and fruity. The front and mid palates are rich with stewed fruit characters. Cherries and blackcurrants fill the mid palate and are fresh and vibrant. As it lingers the balance of bottle age characters and oak tannins give a slightly smoky character. The finish is soft and mellow but lasts long after your last sip.

Versatile drinking – by itself or with a range of foods. Well suited to strong meats and antipasto or with some more delicate canapés. Cracking for Christmas Day.

SERVING TEMPERATURE These sparkling wines are made to be served cold – less than 4 C. Store for 24 hours in a domestic fridge prior to opening or leave in wet ice for 2-3 hours.