2011 Chambourcin Reserve

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The aroma is fresh and fruity. Raspberries, cherries and plums abound.

This wine is like a trip to the movie lolly shop.

It starts with some confectionery strawberries & cream with some mixed jubes, luscious and fruity.

The mid palate then unleashes a generous dose of chocolate Jaffa’s – rich chocolate mouthfeel with a hint of bitter orange.

The finish is then creamy and full (choc top anyone?) from the long yeast ageing.

The persistence of oak and tannins on the after palate are just enough to ensure the wine is refreshing and enticing for another sip.

Enjoy it with strong flavoured foods – both savoury and sweet. Would work well with most desserts or an end of meal cheese platter.

SERVING TEMPERATURE These sparkling wines are made to be served cold – less than 4 C. Store for 24 hours in a domestic fridge prior to opening or leave in wet ice for 2-3 hours.